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Greetings all! It is once again time to vote for your favorite entries at therealljidol. And I seriously need your help cause I got moved up to Tribe 3 and I'm getting spanked! There are a lot of great entries this week and I'd like to direct your attention to some others that deserve your votes:

lacombe who is still a sexy beast but he has also become a great friend and I'd love to see him get the votes he deserves for his awesome and powerful entry

libra_dragon who is also a good friend and wrote a great entry about a subject near and dear to our parent-hearts: homework

There are a bunch of others I'd like to see get votes: emaline412, monkeysugarmama, dragonfluff, adpaz, puppetmaker40, tulip_in_yellow, and a host of others. 

Voting ends at 1:00 on Monday. I really appreciate all your help!
Here's the link to make it easier:

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