The Little Zombie Who Could (1_rhiannon_1) wrote,
The Little Zombie Who Could

pulped_fictions Short Challenge Entry: Train Station

Author/Artist: 1_rhiannon_1
Title: Serve With Honor
Challenge: Short Challenge
Word Count: 100 per
Rating & Warnings: G, No warnings
Summary: A soldier bids farewell to his lover as he reports for wartime duty.
Author’s/Artist’s Note: Fanfic, based on Day Zero.
Prompt used:
(Setting) Train station
Optional Challenge: Don't use the word "and" Do you have any idea how hard that is?! I did it though!

"Please, don't go. You don't have to do this, Dixon." Desperate tears slipped down Patricia's cheeks.
He cupped her face in his hands, wiping her tears away with his thumbs as he kissed her softly. "You know I have to go. I don't want to leave you, but I have to. It's the right thing. I've been called up; I have to serve."
The train whistle sounded, shockingly loud as the conductor's voice announced, "All aboard! Fort Hamilton!"
With a last wave, a brave smile, Dixon boarded the train. He finally understood the meaning of the words "serve with honor."
Tags: fanfic, fiction, pulped_fictions, short challenge

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