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Back to the grind...

I soooo did not want to go back to work today...turns out my intuition was pretty good. It sucked, as usual. We were busy as hell and, of course, one of our surgeons screwed us mightily by not coming in to the office until like 3:30 or so...I didn't actually see him come in. And the kicker is that he know on Friday that he was going to be tied up in the OR until like 3. But he didn't bother to drop that little bomb until like 12:30 or so. So I come back from lunch and the feces are flying into the air-conditioning unit *smirk* Just lovely. But we got most of it taken care of and it was mostly all good. Sigh! I just really wish they wouldn't do that shit to us. It's so irritating!!

This weekend was ok. I did not go to the company picnic...I told myself week before last that if one more person pissed me off in there I wasn't going to go. And damned if they didn't swing it before 10:30 Monday morning. Great. And then, managed to keep it up all week long. Snarky little comments like "Yeah, no one else around here can manage to answer a phone." Bite me bi-atch. I am perfectly capable of answering the damned phone but I'm usually up to my ass in freakin paperwork. Anyway, I didn't go. No regrets.

I did however, go to the demolition derby with my hunny and his folks. I probably shouldn't have, in retrospect, because I had the beginnings of a headache that's been hanging on for 3 days and it was full-blown by the time the first heat was over. But it was too good to have missed. And I got a funnel cake. Many things can be overcome in the face of funnel cake =) It really was quite interesting. The small cars, Hondas and the like, were very cool to watch. Those little shits hit hard!

And on Sunday, besides the fact that my headache came back, I went to the Rescue Squad picnic with my hunny. There really wasn't a very good turnout and not a lot exciting going on but there was some good food and Raven got to play on the playground. There was some initial confusion about which shelter was supposed to be for the Squad so we ended up usurping the new shelter from another group. None of the people working at the park had a clue where we were supposed to be and it took both of them to go to Family Central to find out where we were supposed to be (Ashe Park evidently employs people with the IQ of a soup spoon.). So we decided basically that if someone came up and said that that shelter was their's, we'd tell them to prove it. It'd be easier to nail jello to a tree. Hmmm...weekend fun, perhaps?

Yeah, I'm in a snarky mood. Better than the extreme bitch-mode I've been in for the last few days. Can't imagine what caused it but I have been in a royally bad mood for days. I think it's finally breaking. I hope.

Well, I think that be it for the time being. Everyone have a great week! Hugs to all!



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