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flash fiction #27

Title: Flash Fiction #27
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 616
Characters: Sophia
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: This is set before the CDC went boom. I thought that a girlSophia’s age would be into keeping a diary if she could – I kept a diary when Iwas her age. And it would be something special for her since no one would knowabout it. Plus I hadn’t written about Sophia yet and I’m trying to geteverybody in before my clock runs down.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Sophia or any of the other characters associated withThe Walking Dead, sadly. I just like to take them out and play with them fromtime to time. This is unbeta’d and unedited – all errors are mine. If you seeanything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome!


Dear Diary,

Mom doesn’t know I’m writing this. I found it on thebookshelf in the library here. I guess someone put this notebook on the shelfby mistake. I’m glad I picked it up to look at it – I need someone to talk tobesides Carl and my Mom.

It’s been a hard week for us all. There have been some goodthings though. Carl’s dad found the camp! It was really weird cause we allthought he was dead. Shane said so. He met up with Glenn and the others whenthey went into the city for supplies and came back with them. Carl is so happy!His mom seems happy too but something is wrong with her. I don’t know what butCarl says that Shane is making her sad. I don’t see why – I like Shane. He wasalways nice to me and my mom.

That’s another thing that happened. I found out about itlater – I overheard Andrea and Amy talking about it. My mom was down by thequarry with some of the others, washing clothes, and my dad got mad and hither. Shane hit him back, a lot. My dad’s face was all bloody and bruised – he couldn’teven see. He wanted us to stay with him that night but the others were having aparty and Mom wanted me and her to go.

It’s a good thing we did. Some of those things, the walkers,came to the camp. They attacked my dad and killed him. They killed a lot ofothers too – I miss Amy the most. I feel like I should be sad about my dad andI am, a little. But mostly, I’m just glad that no one is mean to my momanymore. I hated to hear her cry.

Carl’s dad, Sheriff Rick, said that we had to leave thecamp, go to the CDC. Mom told me that that’s where they cure diseases likesmallpox and stuff like that. Anyway, Shane said that we had to go to FortBenning instead. Shane and Rick sorta got real mad at each other for a littlebit but then we ended up going to the CDC anyway. That’s where I am now.

My friend Carla and her family didn’t come with us though. Herdad said they had family in Alabama, I think. They were going to go thereinstead. I miss her a whole lot. She gave me her dolly before she left – Icried all the way to the CDC. I sleep with the doll every night and take iteverywhere with me. Carl laughs at me but what does he know? He’s a boy.

When we got here, we were almost attacked by more walkersbefore we could get inside. The doors were locked and everyone was yelling ateveryone else. It was really scary. The doors finally opened and this guy, Dr.Jenner, let us in. We all had to give him some blood – he said it was the priceof admission. It didn’t hurt too bad. At least he fed us when we were done.

And we all got to take hot showers! This place is great!There’s a game room for me and Carl, but we can’t turn on any of the games.There are a lot of books too. That makes mom really happy. She told me that shethinks we can stay here and be safe for a long time. I sure hope so. I’m reallytired of living in the woods and being scared all the time. Being locked inhere, it feels safe.

Uh oh, Mom’s coming. Gotta go. This’ll just be my secret.

[ETA: This was posted at my blogspot last night - I didn't skip a night! *g*]
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