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Flash Fiction #15

Title: Flash Fiction #15
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 416
Characters: Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh
Warnings: none really, unless Rick in pain bothers you as much as it does me
Author’s Note/Disclaimer: I don’t own Rick, Shane, or anything else associated with The Walking Dead, much to my everlasting regret. Some of the dialogue comes straight from “Days Gone Bye.” The rest of it is from Rick’s head… er, my head. *grin* This is unbeta’d and unedited – all mistakes are my own. If you see anything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

Rick Grimes stood, gasping and wheezing as he tried to catch his breath. The bullet had caught him in his vest but it knocked the breath out of him. Shane came running toward him, saying, “I saw you get tagged, man. That scared the hell out of me!” Rick unbuttoned his shirt, checking his vest for the point of impact. “Me too. That son of a bitch shot me, you believe that?”

‘Thank God for that vest,” Rick thought. Every morning, Rick put on a bullet-proof vest. Most of the other officers tended to give Rick a hard time about that but he thought of it as a sort of lucky talisman. In all his years on the force, he’d never even been shot at, much less hit. ‘Until today,’ he thought, laughing nervously. He knew it terrified Lori so see that vest on him, knew that it reminded her of what could happen. She’d be thankful for it today, if she knew.

As that thought entered his mind, he turned to Shane and said, “Shane, you do not tell Lori that happened – ever! You understand?” The words had barely cleared his lips before he was hit by what felt like a fiery-hot freight train. Pain slammed through his body and he cried out, crumpling to the ground.

Above him, he could hear Shane and the other officers yelling through the barrage of gunshots that rang out. He could hear them, he knew what was happening, but it felt like time had slowed almost to a stop. His heartbeat sounded like thunder in his ears; he could barely see straight, the pain was so intense.

‘God, am I dying? I don’t want to die! What about Carl? And Lori? Please, please just let me live to see my boy grow up!’ Rick bargained with God as he lay there on the ground, pleading for more time.

Shane’s worried face filled Rick’s field of vision. “Rick, I’m here. You stay with me man, just stay with me. It’s ok, I’m here.” Shane repeated these words over and over as he ripped open Rick’s shirt and vest, pressing his hands against the wound to staunch the flow of blood. “I’m here, Rick. Stay with me, please just stay with me.” Rick wondered if repeating the words often enough could make them true.

Rick’s vision began to fade as the other officers ran over. ‘I’m scared,’ was his last thought as he mercifully passed out, escaping from the pain.
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