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Flash Fiction #10

Title: Flash Fiction #10
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 847
Characters: Several characters are mentioned but really, this is all about Rick and his hat (I almost feel like “hat” should be capitalized there)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer/Author’s Note: I don’t own Rick Grimes, his hat, or anything else associated with The Walking Dead – I just like to take them out and play with them every now and then. I owe a thank you to my friend @xRickGrimesx for indirectly giving me the inspiration on this one – I hope you like it! This is unbeta’d and unedited – all mistakes are my own. I’m fairly sure that my timeline is a bit borked but I figure that it’s close enough for government work. If you see anything that needs correction, please let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

I hope you enjoy <3
[10 years ago]

“Lori, I’m home,” Rick called out, shutting the front door behind him. He figured Lori was still unpacking in one of the other rooms in the house. She’d been really busy; the living room was put together and most of the kitchen boxes were unpacked. Rick looked around and smiled. They’d just bought this place together, excited to begin their life together in Cynthiana. This place would be good for them, he could feel it. And with a new baby on the way, they couldn’t have picked a better time to move!

As Lori came into the living room, Rick smiled and struck a pose, showing off his new uniform. “What do you think, honey? You’re looking at Cynthiana’s brand new Deputy Sheriff.” Lori laughed as she threw her arms around Rick, welcoming him home with a kiss. “Hmmm, you look great, hon. Not too sure about that hat though.”

Insulted, Rick took his hat off and looked at it. “What do you mean, ‘not sure about the hat’? This is a great hat!” He put it back on and cocked it at an angle. “I think it makes me look dashing.” Grinning, he scooped Lori up in his arms, carrying her back to the bedroom. They’d been married for several years now but he still couldn’t get enough of her. He kissed her softly as he sat her down on the bed, stepping back to take his jacket and weapon off. He tossed them on the chair and knelt on the bed as looked down at her. “Don’t you agree?”

A wicked smile on her face, Lori leaned up on her elbow and caressed his cheek. “On second thought, it is a sexy hat. Why don’t you leave it on for me?” Rick threw his head back in laughter as he cuddled his beloved wife close to his heart. “For you, my love, anything.”

Life was good, back then.

[Two months ago]

“You know what the worst part is, Rick? Sometimes I wonder if you even care about us at all.”

Shocked, hurt, Rick could only stand there in the doorway, watching as Lori drove Carl to school. Rick lifted his hand in a wave and blew a kiss as Carl looked back and waved. He watched until the car turned the corner, disappearing from sight. Turning away from the door, Rick picked up his hat and put it on, pulling it low over his eyes. Today, instead of protecting his eyes from the glare of the sun, the hat would protect him from others seeing the pain in his eyes.

[One month ago]

Rick opened his locker at the police station, looking for his spare uniform. If he was going to Atlanta, he would probably do better to look like a police officer. As he looked inside, he really smiled for the first time in months. There, on the shelf, was his hat. Someone, Shane probably, must’ve taken his locker key and slipped his hat inside. After he got dressed, he put his hat on, instantly feeling part of the old Rick Grimes come back.

[One week ago]

“Guys! Guys, we’re cut off! We’ve got to go!” T-Dog kept a tight hold on the boy in front of him.

Rick looked back at the walkers between him and the street. “Get back to the lab. Go!” He turned to grab the bag of guns as Daryl slung his crossbow over his shoulder. “Come on. Damn, let’s go!” Daryl said, shifting his weight from one leg to the other, impatient and riled up. Rick looked down, seeing his hat lying there on the pavement where Glenn had dropped it.

Hesitating only for a moment, Rick bent down and scooped the hat up before he ran, Daryl at his heels. He knew it was silly, but he just couldn’t leave it there.

[Five minutes ago]

Everyone in the RV was so quiet – shell-shocked, heartbroken, disillusioned. They’d gone as far as they dared for the day; they needed to find shelter for the night. Spotting what looked to be a good place to set up for the night, Rick pulled the battered RV off on the side of the road. Turning to look at the others, he quietly said, “We can camp here tonight. Shane, Daryl, and I will check the building, make sure it’s clear. Dale, you be ready to drive if we give the signal to get out of here, ok?”

He stood and grabbed the bag of guns that he felt like he’d been carrying for years. Unzipping it, he found his hat, sitting there atop the weapons. Closing his eyes to hold back the tears he felt, he reached out and picked the hat up, his fingers gently brushing the insignia.

You see, for most people, the hat was just a part of the uniform, just like the badge or the gun. For Rick Grimes, the hat was more than that; the hat had become a part of him, a part he wasn’t willing to let go of any time soon.
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