The Little Zombie Who Could (1_rhiannon_1) wrote,
The Little Zombie Who Could

July is Flash Fiction Month

Title: Flash Fiction #2
Fandom: Transformers
Characters: William Lennox, mentions Sarah, mentions daughter
Warnings: I haven’t seen TF3 yet but I thought Will should call his wife to say goodbye, just in case.
Word Count: 256
Disclaimer: I don’t own William Lennox or anything else associated with Transformers (dammit!). I just like to take Will out and play with him every now and then. Also, this has not been beta'd at all. If you have any ideas on corrections/edits for me, please do so in the comments! Concrit is always welcome and appreciated!


Hi, this is Sarah! I’m not in right now but if you’ll leave a message with the time and date of your call, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Have a great day!


Sarah, it’s Will. If you’re there honey, please pick up. Sarah? *sigh* I guess you’re out at your parents’ house. I wanted to talk to you before…

Honey, we’re being sent out again. It’s happening again. I’m not sure where we’re going this time. They’re not really telling us anything. All I know is that we were given an hour to get our gear ready and then we ship out. They told us not to contact anyone but… I had to call you.

I have a bad feeling about this one. I’ve gone up against these things twice before and been lucky. I’m afraid that this time I won’t be so lucky. I wanted to talk to you, hear your sweet voice, talk to our baby girl, one last time before I left.

*voice breaks* Sarah, if something happens to me, tell our daughter about me. Make sure she knows that I love her very much and that I always tried to do what was right. Sarah, I love you so much. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the only woman for me.

[noise in the background]

Baby, I have to go now. We’re shipping out. I’ll call you again as soon as I can. I love you…

[line goes dead]

Tags: fanfic, flash fiction month

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