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Fanfic: Serpentine

This is my idea for how Milo (*points at icon*) became Milo.

Title: Serpentine
Author: 1_rhiannon_1
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Characters: Milo and 3 OCs
Warnings: Zombies. Could be termed brutal in a couple of spots I suppose.
Word Count: 1536
AN: Thank you to my awesome beta fadeintohim for beta work as well as helping me find my inspiration for this, Serpentine by Disturbed.

The night air was hot, humid enough to take your breath and make you forget why you decided to come out to play. Milo and his friends stood in line at the club, halfway down the block, joking with each other and enjoying being young and carefree. Work was over for the week and the long night stretched in front of them, hopefully to be filled with drink and women. The music was kicking already, thumping loud enough to be heard down the block.
“Milo, why did you have to pick this club?” Drew complained. “There are tons of clubs in this city and you pick Sanctuary, the one that always has a line wrapped halfway down the damn block. All we’re getting done is standing here and sweating.”

“You just keep whining, Drew, and the only things you’ll be taking home tonight are a hangover and a raging case of blue balls,” Milo shot back, giving his friend a punch to the shoulder. “It’ll be fine, the line’s moving and you know we’re not getting out of here before the wee hours of the morning anyway. Chill a bit. Have a smoke. Take a walk; we’ll hold your spot.”

“Yeah, Drew,” Sean chimed in. “Go see what’s happening on the next block.”

Cody, ever the peacekeeper, stepped up and said, “Come on, Drew, I’ll go with you. It’ll serve these two right when we go right to the head of the line at Halo and they’re still standing here in line.”

Cody and Drew took off down the block, laughing and joking with each other. When they were out of earshot, Sean looked at Milo. “Seriously, dude, why are you so set on this place tonight?”

Milo actually blushed and started fussing with his tie, making sure it was straight. “You remember I told you about that girl at the office, Maria?” At Sean’s nod, he continued. “Okay, well, she might’ve mentioned to some of the girls that she was going out to Sanctuary tonight and I might’ve overheard while I was getting coffee in the break room.”

Sean burst into laughter. “Oh my God, are you kidding me? Oh that is classic! Why didn’t you just ask her out? You’ve been wanting to for weeks.”

Milo gave Sean a shove. “Shut it, Sean. Look, here comes Cody and Drew back.” Milo leaned forward for a closer look. “Oh my God, dude, Cody’s bleeding! What the fuck happened? Cody!”

Milo and Sean broke out of the line, rushing toward Drew and Cody. Cody was clutching his neck, blood pouring through his fingers. Drew was a babbling mess, crying and barely able to even speak. “Milo, Sean, I can’t believe how it happened. We’ve got to get him to the hospital!” Sean hooked one of Cody’s arms around his neck and started leading him back toward Halo.

“No, dammit, we can’t go that way!” Drew screamed. “Those things! They’re everywhere!”

“That’s the way to the hospital, Drew! We have to hurry! He’s bleeding too much!” Sean shot back. He was right; Cody’s front was covered in blood and his face had turned an ashen color. “We’ll go around a different way but we have to go fast. I don’t know how much longer he can hold on!”

Milo took Cody’s other arm from Drew, draping it across his shoulders. “What things? What are you talking about?”

“You remember that zombie walk we saw last year? It was a lot like that, only these things smelled like the dead. We thought it was just a joke, you know? But then, one of them…” Drew’s voice cracked with emotion. “One of them grabbed Cody, some girl. We were laughing about it. And then she bit him. Just tore right into him. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t stop her.”

“All right, man, it’s ok. He’s going to make it. We’ll get him there in time.”

Halfway down the next block, Drew stopped and pointed. “Look, that’s them.” Only yards away, a horde of zombies was shambling down the street, a few stopping here and there to attack some poor soul who was unaware of what was happening.

“Oh my God, there are hundreds of them!” Milo stared in disbelief, unable to comprehend how on earth something like this could even happen. “We can’t go through them. Quick, down this alley.” Milo and Sean picked Cody up in their arms, carrying him down the alley until they reached a dumpster. Sean whispered, “This should give us enough cover until they pass. Just be quiet and stay down.”

From the street, the guys could hear the groans of the zombies and the screams of their victims. The stench of blood and death was heavy in the night air. 

 “Milo, we have a serious problem,” Sean whispered, pointing at Cody. His eyes had rolled back in his head and he was barely breathing. “We have to get him to the hospital now. We can’t wait anymore. I say we break for it down this alley and go around.”

“Oh no, no way. I’m not moving from this spot until those things are gone!” Drew’s voice sounded shrill in the night. “We can’t risk it; we’ll end up dead ourselves. He’s my friend and I like him and all but we just can’t.” Tears streamed down Drew’s face as he rocked back and forth, his arms wrapped around his knees. He kept whispering “I’m sorry.” Sean met Milo’s eyes and just shook his head. Drew wasn’t going to be any help, they could both see that.

“OK, Sean, you stay here with them. I’m going to sneak down here to the end of the alley, check the back way. If nothing else, Drew can stay here and we’ll take Cody on to the hospital.” Milo checked both ends of the alley and then started making his way to the back end of the alley, being as stealthy as possible. From what he was able to see, the adjoining street was mostly clear.

“Psst! Milo! We have a situation here!” Sean’s urgent whisper carried down the alley. Milo hurried back to his friends and saw that Cody had stopped breathing. “Oh no. Dammit.” Drew was sobbing and Milo tried to comfort him even as his horror and grief threatened to overwhelm him. It was just a bite! A bite shouldn’t kill that fast.

Milo cleared his throat and said, “I really hate to say it like this, but right now, the coast is clear at that end of the alley. We’ll have to leave Cody here and make a break for it.” Drew nodded his agreement but Sean looked like he would balk at the idea. Milo cut him off before he could speak. “Look, I don’t like it any more than you do but it’s our only option. We know where he is. We’ll get out of this and we’ll… we’ll come back for him. I swear. But right now, we need to go.”

They were so busy discussing the point that none of them noticed when Cody’s eyes opened and he began to breathe again.
Sean shook his head and said, “OK, I get it. You’re right. Let’s ju-AHHHH!” His words choked off in a horrifying scream as Cody sat up and bit into Sean’s neck. Blood poured from the wound and Cody made horrible guttural sounds as he bit, tearing into Sean’s flesh. Drew jumped up and ran for the back end of the alley as other zombies, undoubtedly drawn to the alley by the sounds of Sean screaming.

Milo tried to rescue Sean but Cody’s grip was too strong and Sean’s skin to slick with blood for him to get a good hold. As the zombies advanced, Milo had no choice but to abandon his friend and run for the other end of the alley as well. Looking over his shoulder as he ran, he watched zombies fall on Sean like rabid dogs, biting and tearing through flesh. Mercifully, Sean’s screams had subsided but still, Milo’s heart ached at the thought of losing his oldest friend in such a violent manner.

As Milo hit the street, he saw that Drew was at least a block ahead of him and clear of the zombies. Sucking in a deep breath, he hurried after his friend. He was afraid to call out to Drew; he didn’t want to alert zombies to his location if he could help it.

He ran past the back entrance to Sanctuary and spotted a familiar form near the corner of the building. He slowed to a stop and said, “Maria?” He walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Maria, you can’t be out here like this. There are zombies everywhere, it’s not safe.”

Maria turned toward him and, too late, Milo realized the horrible mistake he’d just made. Part of Maria’s face had been torn away, leaving a horrid parody of her beautiful smile. She groaned a raspy, hungry sound and grabbed Milo’s hand, dragging him to her. As she bit into his neck, his last thought was that he hoped Drew kept running forever. Or at least until the zombies were no more.

I hope you like it...
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