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The Little Zombie Who Could

One of my submissions for the Milo!Love

Title: Zombies Can Love Too (sort of)
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Characters: Milo, Bicycle Girl, and OC
Warnings: Zombies – if they bug you, don’t read this
Word Count: 513

Day 45

I don’t know why I’m bothering to continue with this. No one except me reads it. When I’m gone, no one will care what I experienced. But this, what I’m about to tell you, is the strangest thing I’ve seen since this whole thing started and I have got to tell someone. Maybe it’ll make a difference later on, who knows?

Earlier today, I was sitting just outside of my back door, cleaning my knives, when I heard the scream. I grabbed two of the knives and ran to the fence to see if I could see what was happening. Just across the way from my place, there’s a kind of a park, partially wooded, very green. Kids and dogs used to play there. Used to.

Anyway, a group of walkers caught someone unaware and took her down – that was her screaming. I’ve no idea what she was doing out alone. She didn’t even seem to have a weapon with her. She screamed and screamed but only for just a few minutes. There was nothing I could do for her – by the time she got that first bite, she was done for. There were just too many Walkers. I sat there, watching the feeding frenzy. These Walkers obviously hadn’t eaten in a while – it was a horrid sight.

Now this is where it gets strange. Not too far from where the woman went down, there was this pathetic little Walker – no legs, barely any arms, wasting away to nothing but pulling herself toward the group as fast as she could go. Which wasn’t very fast. Walkers are disgusting abominations but this one? Oh she was just so sad. I went to get my pistol – I thought I could put her out of her misery and be back inside, locked up before the Walkers even realized the shot had been fired. It was a big risk, I know, but it turns out I didn’t need to do it anyway.

When I got back, one of the other Walkers, a guy in a purple suit, I shit you not, was shambling over to the pitiful Walker, carrying a handful of guts with him. He dropped them in front of her and then knelt down to eat with her. I really thought I was losing my mind. He actually fed the other Walker. It was easily the most human thing I’ve seen any of them do since this whole godforsaken mess started. I just… I know it doesn’t make any sense but maybe there is a spark of humanity left. Something made him take pity on her.

He shambled off when the entrails were gone. She crawled off after him but, even as slow as a Walker moves, she had no prayer of catching him. I’m going to go out later, when things cool down around here and the rest of the horde of Walkers drifts off. I’ll see if I can find her. Then I’ll put her out of her misery. If I can find her…

Many thanks to my beta fadeintohim 
cmerun12 , this one is on it's way to you in an email
Tags: fanfic
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