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...just haven't really updated in a while. Life is busy at the moment.

Raven started 2nd grade today. Thank the gods he had a good day. *big sigh of relief* We had some trouble with him in kindergarten and a little in 1st but so far so good. We made it through the first day anyway, lol. He wants to ride the bus this year and I figure it's an ok idea. I hated the bus when I was in school but I had to ride the bus with a bunch of arrogant idiotic bullying rednecks so I had a reason to hate it...I had to fall asleep (or pretend to) to keep from getting picked on. Kissed my license and my car when I got 'em. But it'll really help mom out since I'm not going to be around to take him or pick him up This 8 to 5 thing in Boone is killing me. But the money is better than it would be at home so ... I have loads of paperwork to fill out tonight. That'll be fun.

Work was interesting today. We had 2 surgeons this afternoon, none this morning. Sweet! Our on-call surgeon was only 30 minutes late to the office and we didn't have any last-minute emergencies that had to be added on in mid-shift. Sweet! We did have one jackass hat came in with his wife and told the doc "hey, I have this place on my neck from a motorcycle injury, would you mind taking a look at it?" and gets added on in mid-swing. Great. Lovely. I think they should have made him sit his ass in the waiting room until all the patients that were there and already on the schedule were seen. It's only fair. But it was ok, we had an open spot and he got his place taken care of, no sweat. Just minor irritation. Then at like 4:45, the phone rings. Damn! A patient who talked to one of our surgeons and had some tests done yesterday was calling to see what the results were. He said that he was told to call at like 2:30 but he waits until 15 til 5. Nice. So I page back to the doc and tell him who's on the horn and he talks to the guy. Then he comes up front and tells us that the guy is coming in in like 7 minutes and the doc on-call will have to see him. And he leaves. Oh shit! This gives us 3 minutes. Not good. So my partner in crime goes back to the on-call doc to tell him he has another patient coming in in a few minutes. The on-call doc says that the other doc didn't inform him of this or in any way consult him and he has to be in surgery at 5 and he'd love to see the patient tomorrow. And he leaves. Oh shit!!

So we have a patient coming, no docs, and we don't know what the hell to do. Then the poor guy shows up and obviously he needs to be seen or he wouldn't have been asked to come in. And we still don't really know what the hell to do. We're in the process of explaining to the guy that our on-call had to be in surgery at 5, his patient was already prepped, and we'd either have to see him tomorrow or he could go to the ER and be seen that way. And I feel bad for the guy - he looks like he feels bad. Luckily, the not-on-call doc came back to see the patient - I guess he either saw the doc pulling in at the hospital or someone paged him. We didn't even know if we still had a nurse on premises or not but the patient got taken care of.

I'm going out of town with my man and his daughter this weekend - should be much fun. I'm looking forward to it. Get to see some friends and have some hang time that I haven't gotten in forever!

I found a cool outfit for myself when I was looking for Raven's school stuff - shouldn't have but I had to do it. I got camos that are pink - they are so cute! Love em! And I got a pretty white shirt to go with. So I have something to wear this weekend that doesn't have to be dug out of the pile of clothes in my room...I have no closet space at all since the rack fell. Sigh! What I need to do is get rid of some of this that I never wear or can't wear. On the flip side of that, last time I did that, I gained the damn weight right back and had to go buy new clothes all over again. Decisions, decisions.

Well, I have to run for now. I might get the chance to update again before the weekend is up...Later all!


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