The Little Zombie Who Could (1_rhiannon_1) wrote,
The Little Zombie Who Could

V-Day Eye Candy Across LJ

This is my contribution to the eye candy  posts for today. Some of the guys are in here twice (or three times). This isn't my full "I'd shag him" list by any means, just the ones I had pics of. They're also not posted in any particular. These are the guys and girls (I think it's just one girl though) that turn me on - as always, your mileage may vary. If someone doesn't trip your trigger here, that's fine. Scroll on by and keep it to yourself.  It's not flocked but it is massive. Dial-up users, you're going to want to run screaming in terror from this post. Trust me.  All others, hope you enjoy it! *MWAH*

Oh yeah, disclaimer: None of these images are mine - all were found via image searches, usually Bing.

Photobucket  Allan Hyde

Photobucket Bruce Willis 

Photobucket Timothy Olyphant 

Photobucket Zack Ward 

Photobucket  Vin Diesel

Photobucket Shawn Hatosy 


Photobucket Oded Fehr 

Photobucket Aaron Eckhart


Photobucket James Purefoy 

Photobucket Keanu Reeves 

Photobucket Jeffrey Donovan 

Photobucket Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf 

Photobucket Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant 

Photobucket Jon Bernthal & Andrew Lincoln 

Photobucket Julian McMahon 

Photobucket Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen 

Photobucket Hugh Jackman, Taylor Kitsch, and Liev Schreiber 

Photobucket Ian Somerhalder 

Photobucket Richard Speight, Jr. 

Photobucket Norman Reedus 

Photobucket Jeffrey Dean Morgan 

Photobucket Ed Quinn 

Photobucket Lucas Bryant, Emily Rose, Eric Balfour 

Photobucket Sam Trammell 

Photobucket Helena Bonham Carter 

Photobucket Jeff Goldblum 

Photobucket Carlos Bernard & Kiefer Sutherland 

Photobucket Sam Trammell 

Photobucket Jared Padalecki 

Photobucket Geoffrey Desmoulin 

Photobucket Sean Patrick Flanery 

Photobucket Jeffrey Dean Morgan 

Photobucket John Morrison 

sam winchester Jared Padalecki 

Photobucket jensen Ackles 

Photobucket Johnny Depp 

Photobucket Stanislav Ianevski 

Photobucket Jason Isaacs

Photobucket Christian Bale 

Photobucket Terrence Zdunich 

sean bean,percy jackson lightning thief Sean Bean and Kevin McKidd (I think) 
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