The Little Zombie Who Could (1_rhiannon_1) wrote,
The Little Zombie Who Could

For purestofprose Drabble Contest

Contains spoilers for season 5 of Supernatural - I know some of haven't finished season 5 so I'll cut it.

Lucifer looked through the tiny frosted windows and couldn’t help but smile. His favorite little brother was on the premises, doing what he did best. Gabriel was always the one with a sense of humor, the one who liked to play tricks. “Just look at him in there! He's got Pagan gods completely fooled into thinking he's one of their own." Even though their family had been shattered like so much glass, even as conflicts and squabbles held the denizens of Heaven, Lucifer would always be proud of his little brother and would never stop loving him.

Feedback welcome, just be gentle :o)

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