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I'm still around...

I figured I'd post something besides the quizzie things - even though they are kinda fun =P

Work was hell today. This morning, no problem. One surgeon, not on call, no add-ons, I think everybody showed up but I can't recall for sure. Then, after lunch, all hell broke loose. When my partner in crime was gone to lunch, the first like 5 patients that came in all needed to fill out paperwork (a pain in the arse but a legality that we just can't get around) so I got buried up to my eyebrows in paperwork and insurance cards. Then we get an add-on - actually we got him this morning but he came in after lunch. Then we get another add-on. Yipes. The phone rang non-fucking-stop and I didn't even get to breathe properly until like 4:30. Sigh! It was wild. And our ceiling is still black from the light that decided to spit smoke and rain sparks on Monday. They came in yesterday to change the bulbs and fix whatever the problem was but they didn't bother to try to wipe the soot or whatever off the ceiling tiles. It looks like hell. It scared the spit out of me too - all of a sudden we hear this loud buzzing and sparks are falling and smoke is coming partner in crime at the next desk is just sitting there on the phone calm as can be. Then damned if she didn't laugh. She laughs in the face of danger...for real. Everytime she looks at the ceiling she laughs. Girl is nuts.

In other news, my oldest baby turned 7 yesterday. I cannot believe that I am really old enough to have a 7-year-old. Sigh! I didn't have the money to do anything really special for his birthday but we're going to do a cookout or something this weekend. I've taken a look at my finances and I think I can do something cool for him. I also have to get his back-to-school gear for him this weekend or early next week. He's gotta go back on Wednesday (I think). I also have to get my damned tag renewed. I found out last weekend that it's been out since January. EEK!! How in the blue hell did I manage to go this long without being pulled for an expired tag? My man didn't even make it out of July without being pulled for his being out since June I think. I must be charmed or something. Now, you watch, I'll get pulled tomorrow since I said that. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it until I get paid anyway. Responsibilities suck.

Well, I think that's it for now. If not, it can wait until tomorrow...

Later y'all!


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