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A surprisingly good day...

I was fully prepared to have a completely crappy day. Last week at work was fairly shitty and I knew that we had 10 new patients on the schedule for today, 9 this afternoon alone. Yipes. So I was reasonably sure that I'd end up crying and unhappy at least once. Well, this morning, the new patient didn't show so we had a pretty easy morning. Yay! I thought lunch was going to suck - thought it was going to be beans but turns out we had hot dogs along with baked beans so I was able to eat lunch at work instead of having to go out (I hate damn beans!!) Still thought the afternoon was going to suck with 9 new patients. Turns out we had an extra new patient added on so we still ended up with 10 new patients. Great. But while I was busy working, someone walked up to the window and said that they had a flower delivery. I looked up and there's my awesome most wonderful excellent man with a dozen long-stem red roses for me. Awwww! How sweet! I was absolutely floored. Totally unexpected, but most welcome. For absolutely no reason other than just because. = D I was really too busy to do more than thank him, give him a kiss, and tell him I loved him, but it really just made my whole day. No kidding, after that, the afternoon went a lot smoother. And all the girls were like "Oh, who got flowers?" and I got to tell them that he brought them to be just because. =D Betty, the LPN, came in and said "Well, I guess someone had a really good weekend." and made me blush. She's a trip!

Otherwise, I got 3 chapters read in my book - actually, my man's book. I've had it forever but I put it on the back burner for my HP-HBP book. Now that I've read it twice and got it out of my system, I can concentrate on Brian Lumley. The series is really good - I'm very intrigued to see where it ends up.

Well, I have to run - I need to go lay down and give my back a rest - it feels like it's breaking in half. Cramps suck. Damn. Eh, well...Later days all...


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