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No, it can't be almost over!

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow! Dammit! Eh, well...I did get quite a bit done yesterday. My baby Drakey helped me clean out my car - the child definitely has guts, can't deny that. It was scary! I finally got the yarn my hunny gave me ages ago bagged back up so I can keep up with it all - it's been rolling around in my trunk for a while and the bag ripped open. Lovely. But none of the yarn is damaged and it miraculously stayed rolled up. I also found a box just full of embroidery thread that I can use for my marudai, heh heh heh. I didn't investigate it thoroughly but there was some very pretty pink on top. I'm such a girl!

I am so happy though! My hunny is finally back home!! I missed him terribly! I got to talk to him on the phone every day but I really missed the snuggles and petting. The phone is a poor substitute. He brought me a salt crystal and a lighted stand to put it on - it really is gorgeous. It looks great on my bookshelf  =) That's the only place I could put it high enough to keep the kidses away from it since it's so fragile.

We managed to get groceries yesterday so we don't have to rush to do it later. I messed up on mom's work schedule - surprise there - so I had to delay my trip to Reef Magic with my hunny until later today. We're going to get more fish to finish off his cichlid tank (I'm not sure if I spelled that right or not but it's close enough). We've been needing to go for a while now. I think the ones he has are finally getting used to me...I've been feeding them all week and they come out of their hidey places to meet me now. They're beautiful fish, a really bright yellow. I'd like to attempt to take pics of them but I'm not sure how well it would work. The aquarium itself is really nice. He's got it set up really pretty =) I lve aquariums. I might get myself another Betta while I'm there. My last two met an untimely end, even for Bettas.

I still have to do loads of laundry - well, just fold it and put it away. Not that it ever really gets put away - I have no room for anything in here. I'm such a packrat it's ridiculous.

Well, I'd better get cracking. Just wanted to drop a few lines so everyone would know I'm still alive =) Hope everyone has had a great weekend!



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