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It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

Well, I managed to survive yesterday and today - yay!

Yesterday was rough. I just couldn't sleep Sunday night at all. I don't know why really but I was up like every hour. Just say bolt upright for no real good reason. Needless to say, I felt like hell all day yesterday. I would've sold my soul for a nap. But we were really busy at work, which helped me get through it.

Had to go to the business meeting last night. Mom was agreeable to watch Drakey so I got to ride up with my honey, which was the one good part about the meeting. I don't know what it is but the SCA just doesn't seem as exciting to me right now as it once did, which is making me seriously question my desire to be Chatelaine. The handbook thing says that you should be excited about the SCA and let the newbies see that so they will be excited about the SCA as well. But maybe I'm just not right for the job. I don't know. Perhaps it's the general "I don't give a fuck" attitude about the shire. Even the people who once really gave a fuck don't seem to anymore. I think it's irritation setting up into something else, but I won't swear to that. Who knows. I was ready to leave pretty soon after we had gotten done eating though. I haven't found a niche in the SCA yet, which might also be a part of the problem. I do my kumihimo (sort of) but I usually end up running around events, taking pictures,  watching the fighters and searching in vain for someone to talk to. Except of course for when I can run into widowspeak ...I just kinda grab a seat with her and hang there forever. Anyway, kinda hard to do kumihimo when you're's not a do-as-you-walk kinda thing. I'm not a fighter, I'm not a scribe, I can't draw to save my life, I don't make jewelry, I don't do archery (except just playing around at the Grey's), I don't sing, I hate to cook, I'm too fat to bellydance, I'm not a very talented drummer at all....sigh! What's left? I'm really hoping to get the excitement back though. I'd be excited if we were going to Pennsic but my lousy money-management skills fucked that up for us. Eh, it'll come back. It's just a matter of time and working on the event we have coming up. I'm doing children's activites and I have no idea what to do. I emailed Mistress Ceridwen to see if she had any ideas/advice but no answer from here and that was like a month ago. I'll come up with something.

Work today sucked pretty bad. We actually got done early, which I have discovered I don't like. We don't get to leave early so we have to find stuff to do. There's no shortage of things to do but I wasn't in the mood to do any of them. Sigh! So we get in the newest issues of Newsweek and there was an article on the bombings in London, which I have to say I haven't heard a lot of things about. So I wanted to read it. Just shouldn't have read it at work on the clock. Oops. Yeah, I got busted. Damn. Spoo, as a friend of mine used to say. Oh well - all she said was that if I was caught up I needed to help file the charts back. No problem, done with 15 minutes to kill.

I saw an advertisement for this new fat burner thing that I want to try. It's Fahrenheit for women and it's supposed to put ephedra to shame. Ephedra worked really well for me before so I think this might work well. It's worth a shot. Please any deity that will listen, let this shit work for me!!! Please! OK, done begging now. That failing, may the crotches of the fuckers who took my Stacker away be infested with fleas and their arms be too short to scratch. Sigh! Yeah, I know. I'm pathetic.

Had to redo my order for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...I forgot that the don't charge your card until the order is ready to be shipped and I already closed out the account I used before. Oops! It won't be shipped until the 16th though, which sucks! That means I probably won't get it until like middle of the week. Great. Well, I've been waiting for months, a few more days won't kill me.

I have to get CPR certified later this month. Goody. I'm a bit nervous about it, given the fact that I know the guy who's teaching it and I'll be humiliated if the same thing that happened last time happens this time. I took it before because I was trying to get into the nursing program at RCC in Asheboro. We were divided up into groups and my group was working on the infant dummy. And I popped the little guy's lungs. Oh hell. I couldn't figure out why the chest wasn't rising and falling and the lady teaching the class came over and checked it out. She said "Well this is why, you popped his lungs." And she held it up to the class and said "OK class, here it is, our first fatality." Oh fuck me running. I was in a group full of moms and daycare providers and Raven was like a year old or so. Great. I felt awful. I killed him. I saved the adult though. Go me.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Later days...


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