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Finally! The weekend!

It has been one hell of a rough week! Well, parts of it anyway. Other parts of it were very awesome ; P

I really just did not like my job today. Everyone seemed to be in a bad mood and it really rubbed off on me. Not to mention I was a bit upset with one of the surgeons who got a bit snippy with me yesterday. And then, of course, we have patients who had appointments at x time and just come waltzing in whenever in the hell they feel like it and then bitch because "she really needs to be seen soon, she's about to fall out on us." Yeah, well, first of all, she's 98 goddamn years old! She's not able to be out all goddamn day. If she's in that bad shape, she needs to be in the fucking hospital! Secondly, if you had managed to get her here when she was supposed to be here, she woulda been seen and home in bed by now! So get off my fucking back! Asshole. I hate stupid people. Grrrr! Why do people insist on doing that to us. It's not my fault that they require paperwork from new patients. Every freakin doctor's office in the world requires paperwork to be filled out before you can be seen? What's the big surprise? I'm really glad that it's Friday and I have 2 whole days before I have to go back in there. They said this morning that the ofc mgr, who's been off all week, left little love notes with the checks this morning (payday!!!!!) detailing all the things they did wrong this past week. I'm wondering if she's saving mine for the in-person talk. Yipes. She just makes me nervous. Can't really explain it. I was just really glad to walk out of there this afternoon and head home.  

I got to stay with my hunny this week since my Drakey baby is in K-town this week, which was really nice. I miss Drakey but it's nice to have some down time. He'll be really wired when he gets home on Sunday though. I hope he's had fun though. Went to see Herbie Reloaded with my man and his family last night - I grew up watching the Herbie movies and loved them. This one was really cute - Herbie's awesome! We're going to see War of the Worlds this weekend - should be a good one.

Still patiently (sorta) awaiting the arrival of my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...I can't wait to get it!!! I'll probably stay up all night reading it. Yeah, right - me stay up all night? Not likely. Depending on when I get it, I'll probably be through with it in a day though.

Ooh, Joyride is on. Pretty good movie - think I'll go watch it. Later...


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