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Nothing really interesting to report so far this week. Work, feed cat and fishes and give dogs treats and check on rabbit, then home. Thrilling, I know. My DVD player decided to go kaput week before last so I can't even watch a damn DVD. Sigh! We have approximately 200 channels and there is NOTHING on tv. This is depressing for sure. 

One happy note: My oldest turns 8 tomorrow. Damn, I'm old. He wanted to have a pizza party with the family for his birthday and one of the local pizza places had what I thought was going to be a great deal on pizza today from 5 to 9 so we decided to party a day early. I thought that the pizza sucked but everyone else liked it so I guess it was all good. We;ll probably do cake and ice cream and gifts tomorrow when I get home.

I have entirely too many things that I need to do and not enough energy to start. I did manage to get my laundry done. Go me.

I got a good bit of prep work on my recall list for this month at work. We have a list that we print out every month of patients that need to be seen in follow up for whatever they have going on. My partner in crime and I split the list every month and have to get it finished by the start of the next month. In February, we finally got caught up from 2004 and started calling a month ahead like we're supposed to. (Not my fault, I wasn't there in 2004. They got a new computer system and got behind.) Anyway, I have to pull all the charts before I start calling or I never get it all done. So I got half of them pulled between patients this afternoon. I'll get the rest Thursday when we only have one doctor. One of our surgeons went overseas on Friday - his parents are in the Middle East and he was worried about them. Not the place I'd choose to go but I can understand his motivation.

Other than the mundane and boring, I'm doing ok. Still coping. Haven't had an earth-shattering breakdown yet. I suppose I can count that as a victory. Still having trouble sleeping at night. I probably ought to get my ass to a doctor and see what he can recommend. Getting really tired of taking Tylenol PM to get to sleep. Probably building up a massive tolerance to Tylenol in the process. 

Well, it's late and I guess I need to get started tossing and turning. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Hugs and love to all,

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