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Another day...

Just sitting here watching think that's bad, I'm getting ready to watch Cry-Baby. I bet Johnny Depp looks back at this movie and just cringes. I would but I think that it's so stupid it's hilarious. I think this is where Ricki Lake got her "bad-girl makeover" fascination. Gods know, that's all she ever did on her talk show. Besides, there's nothing else on tv at the moment and I'm just not ready to crash yet. I swear, we need to get rid of Starz and get Skinmax - they at least have semi-decent pornos on at this time of night. (Yes, I've had entirely too much caffeine today.)

I took the kiddos to the festival in town when the sun started to go down. I heard rumors that they're not going to open tomorrow at all. I can't say that I really blame them. I guess they hiked the vendor fees up so high that not many people could afford to come in and set up. The only thing I really saw that I wanted was one of those softtub hot tubs...there are days I'd sell my grandmother for one of major loss to me actually, I really don't care very much for my grandmother and I need a damn hot tub!! I think it'd probably do my back wonders.

There were so many people at the festival it was ridiculous. Drake, bless his little heart, agreed readily to ride in the stroller so I didn't have to carry him or try to keep ahold of his hand the whole time. I ran into a few people that I know - I got to see Rob and Karla's baby finally. Little guy was knocking out the z's in the stroller - he looked supremely comfy. I was jealous, lol. He's a cutie-pie for sure. I ran into Jack and Black and Johnny of Blue Ridge EMS...I never get to see those guys anymore since I don't work at the $mart. I got to see one of the girls I used to work with at BYB - I heard that she had moved to Ashe but I hadn't seen her in a while. I never ran into my brother up there but I know he was there, cruising for chicks. I don't really expect it'll work out for him though...there weren't that many chicks running around that's his type. I swear, if he brings home some girl and she's wearing a John Deere hat all cockeyed like the style apparently is now, I'll beat him senseless. It just looks so stupid! Maybe I'm getting old but I don't get it. Anyway, Raven got to play on the big airwalk slide they had up there. I got Drake tickets to play as well - I asked the guy to make sure if Drake was big enough to go and he said it would be fine. I asked Drake if he wanted to go with brother and he said he did. I don't know if he got scared or what but I had no more walked around the side to the exit point to wait on them when the guy working it came over to me carrying Drake and giving me my tickets back. Sigh! So Raven go to go again to use his tickets. Drakey didn't even want to play in the smaller airwalk. I don't get it - I loved those things when I was his age. Hell, I'd still love them if I wasn't just entirely too humongous to get in one. I can see the headlines now: FAT CHICK SINKS AIRWALK AT LOCAL FESTIVAL, DESERVED TO DIE AUTHORITIES SAY. 

For the most part, it was ok. Drakey got to see some cars and a vintage firetruck and some stuff like that that he was just thrilled with. And Raven got to play on the slide so he was happy. But I was mostly annoyed. My hunny always says that there's no cure for stupid and stupidity reached epidemic proportions at the festival tonight. We were standing in line to get an order of loaded fresh-cut fries (I swear, I'm addicted to those damn things) and this damn Mexican woman was trying her best to climb on my back. At least that's the way it seemed. Every time I'd take a step to get away from her, she'd get closer again. I was about ready to slap the hell out of her. I just cannot stand to have my personal space invaded like that by a complete and total stranger. It just makes me nervous. I finally turned around and told her "Look, I am not your bitch, get off my fucking ass." I got a round of applause from the other people there...apparently they were tired of people climbing all over them too and were just glad to hear someone say something about it.

Then, there was this group of kids from somewhere out of town (the reason I know they were out-of-towners will become apparent in a moment) in line semi-near me, close enough for me to hear this little gem of wisdom. The only black girl in the crew was nervous about something and I heard her little friend tell her "Look, they can't arrest you for being black" and she says "Oh yes they can, around here..." I wanted to tell her that they can't arrest her for the color of her skin but if ignorance and stupidity are ever made illegal, she might want to skip the country. People like her just irritate the ever-loving hell out of me!!! I restrained myself though. No point in starting a potentially ugly scene in the midst of so many people. We only made one trip around the festival. Then we went by the $mart to talk to Joyce for a bit and to get some drinks. I like hanging out talking to Joyce - she's a sweetheart. She really tripped me out tonight - she told me that she wanted to go get a tattoo and that she had always wanted one. I was like "Whaaaa?" Just took me by surprise. I never really considered her the body mod type. But I really think she'll do it when she finally makes up her mind to. I think that'll be a trip - I'd love to go with her to get it done. I might offer next time I see her.

Oh get this shit...I couldn't go with my hunny this weekend because I didn't have a sitter. Then this morning, the ex-inlaws call and tell me they want to come get Drake tomorrow and keep him until sometime next weekend. Great. Why in the blue hell did they not call me sooner and they could've gotten him yesterday? Actually, I did ask them that and Larry said that they couldn't get him sooner because he has to work tonight and wouldn't be able to get up here until tomorrow to get him. Oh. But still....just damn. But at least my problem of what we're going to do with Drake when Mom has to work this week and the daycare is closed is taken care of.  The ex-inlaws aren't good for much but they do occasionally help with Drakey. When it suits them, anyway.

Well, it's late and I'm about ready to crash. I think the meds I have are working somewhat but I still can't hear out of one ear right now. It feels so funky - I really hate that! Eh well, maybe tomorrow I'll feel better. Later,


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