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A real post this time...

Well, I feel like death on a stick warmed over (picture the Grim Reaper as a corn dog)...I started to feel like I was coming down with something yesterday at work and it hit me full-blown last night. Apparently I ran a fever and might've been somewhat delirious because I remember sitting bolt-upright in the bed for no apparent reason somewhere around 12:30 or 1 this morning. Great. I must've sneezed 100 times today - real nice thing to have to do when you work in a surgeon's office, huh? I hope that no one else gets sick because of me...I'll feel awful about that. The man gave me meds last night for the feeling-crappy and some Tylenol for the fever and I'm going to try to get one of the docs to write a Rx for some higher-powered meds for me tomorrow. Hopefully, it'll work with one of them anyway...I have 3 docs to choose from tomorrow.

I really do love my job...I've mentioned before that I really like the people I work with but I've also decided that the girls in the offices that call to refer patients to us are pretty cool too - we always chat a bit when we have the time to burn. One of the girls from across the way called yesterday almost a quitting time and she was a trip! We'll have to pick a day when everyone can all get together and have like a medical-office-personnel get-together and hang out.

I also had a meeting with my office manager yesterday...nothing major. Well, actually it kinda was major - the majority of what she said was good. She said that she's been getting a lot of comments from the patients that I've been really nice to them and have been super-helpful to them. Most of it is just common courtesy type stuff - a patient can't read or write well so you help them with their paperwork, you give the kiddies lollipops and stickers, you take paperwork out to patients that can't walk very well, stuff like that. But it's still very nice to hear. She also said that she's not going to make me stay to close until my 90-day probationary period is over in late August since I still haven't been trained on some things that I need to know to do that. I still might have to stay a bit late to help out or if I don't manage to get my own work done in time to leave at 5 but I won't be by myself up front for a while yet. There's always at least 2 people there, which makes me feel better. I really don't like the idea of being in that building by myself, especially when it starts getting dark earlier. Overactive imagination. The only not-so-good thing she said was that I'm dressing just a bit too casual. She said that it usually takes the girls a while to figure out exactly what will fly and what won't. So I'm still ok on that.

I had hoped to see one of my girlfriends from Baltimore at the festival this weekend but I don't think she's going to be able to come down for it. Dammit! That sucks! I had really hoped that she would. Sigh! Maybe one weekend soon she can come down.

I read a post in one of my kumihimo groups online that one of the members is attempting to make circlets on a marudai or takadai (I forget which). I thought that was a very interesting idea. I'm nowhere near good enough to attempt that yet but it's an interesting thought. I'm waiting for the pictures to see if I might want to attempt it in the future.

The kittens were being sweet and cute the other night (of course they were asleep so that might have something to do with it) so I snapped a few pictures with the digi. I might someday get them uploaded but certainly not from this computer. My connection is so fucking slow it's ridiculous. I still have to upload the pix from the VA Beach/OBX trip and graduation. Sigh! I'll never get that done. But I did manage to get some of my pics put on my PC from the jump drives so that's some progress anyway.

I think that's it for now....not entirely sure. My brain feels somewhat like mush right at this moment. Later...


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