PSA - Friend Cut Coming Soon

I'm going to go through my friends list and start to pare down a bit.
If you haven't commented on any of my posts since January, I'm going to go ahead and cut you, but I wish you all the best.
No harm, no foul, but I'm in it for interaction.


Annnnnnnnd it's done.
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Dr. Sexy!Zombie Goes Greene

Title: Dr. Sezy!Zombie Goes Greene
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Characters: Dr. Sexy Zombie (this guy) and bunches of other walkers. Mentions my honey Shane but not by name.
Warnings: This is crack!fic - meant to amuse and not to be taken all that seriously. You are also warned for language if that kinda thing bothers you.
Word Count: 1230 per wordcounter.net
A/N: My good friend gategurl and I both took a notice in Dr. Sexy!Zombie in the finale episode of TWD (2x13: Beside the Dying Fire). She noticed that Dr. Sexy!Zombie was not present at the barn-burning and we wondered if maybe he was just wandering about in the woods the whole time. Then this popped into my head and voila! Crack!fic is born. Thank you to gategurl for betaing this for me! <3 You rock, bb!

Please note that I do not own these characters - Robert Kirkman and AMC and all those cool people have that honor. I just take them out and play with them every now and then. There are several pop culture references in this piece: 1 - Dr. Sexy is a Supernatural reference; 2 - "Swim down together" is a Finding Nemo reference (my kid was watching the movie while I was writing and it just sorta seemed to work); "Tonight we dine in hell" is a 300 reference.

Translation for zombie speak is in parentheses. I really hope you like it!

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100 Things: I'm in!

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I've seen this in a bunch of places on my flist and I've been wracking my brain ever since, trying to come up with a topic. Y'all know me - my first thought was Walking Dead. Then I decided that I post a lot of TWD stuff anyway and that might be misconstrued as overkill.

So! I've decided on my topic. *drumroll*

100 movies that I love/like/hate and why.

*waits for applause*

I'm such a movie nut and, honestly, I should be able to knock this out just from my DVD collection. Anybody else feel like playing? Click the banner, see the rules, pick your topic, and sign up!

Join us! ♥
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Screw This, I'm Done - l4d_bigbang Entry

title:Screw This, I'm Done
author: 1_rhiannon_1& Adam Tibbott
artist: aolian
wordcount: 6614 per wordcounter.net
fandom: Original Fiction
pairing: Alex & Angela
rating: Let's go R just to be safe
warning: Language, violence & some gore. It's the zombie apocalypse! Shit happens!
disclaimer:This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or place is absolutely intentional and said person/place should be flattered.
Author's Note: Many thanks to our beta, corellian_sugar, not just for beta work but for her encouragement & cheerleading as well! Your help was beyond valuable and I love ya for it! I have to also thank the fine folks of the cast and crew of The Walking Dead for inspiring and influencing me. And thank you to my artist aolianfor helping us bring Alex to life :-) Art post is here.
summary: Alex, a high-school dropout, has only ever been good at one thing: using women. He's always thought that luck has been on his side, but his encounter with Angela has finally proven to him that his luck has run out. His charm has always been enough to carry him from con to con, but when the dead begin to rise and feast on the living, charm is worthless.

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